20 Temporary Swimming Pools to Cool Off Your Summer

20 Temporary Swimming Pools to Cool Off Your Summer

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One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer months is to jump in the pool. But if you don't have one handy right now you might want to consider buying or building one of your own.

Here are 20 examples of commercially available and DIY outdoor pools to inspire you.


What is the fastest way to cool down a pool?

There are various ways you can cool down a pool. Sites like swimuniversity.com have very useful hints and tips for doing so.

Some examples include: -

- Run Your Filter at Night.

- Cool Your Pool Down with Ice.

- Install a Reverse-Cycle Heat Pump.

- Install a Water Fountain.

How do I lower the temperature of my pool?

Further to the above, there are other ways you can lower the temperature of your outdoor pool. From using ice to reversible heat pumps, you are not short of options.

One effective means is to consider passive solutions for keeping your pool water as cool as possible. Good use of shading, either erecting some trees or strategic placement in your garden, will do a lot of the work for you.

What pool temperature is too cold?

If you have ever watched the film Titanic, you will be more than aware of just how dangerous very cold water can be. Though you shouldn't expect rampaging icebergs to be present, exposing your body to very cold water can kill you within minutes.

According to coldwatersafety.org, you should always try to keep your pool water above 21 degrees celsius. Ideally, the water temp. should be above 25 degrees celsius.

20 examples of cool temporary swimming pools

1. This one is made from an old car

Artist Benedetto Bufalino had the bright idea of turning an old car into an outdoor swimming pool. The result is actually amazing, and something you might want to consider for a unique pool of your own.

2. How about a stock tank one?

You might want to consider getting yourself a stock tank pool. These are very basic, no-frills alternatives to other above-ground and in-ground models.

You could add some decking around it to make it easier to get in and out.

3. Why not make your own?

If you have the will and skills, you might want to consider making your own. Make a wood frame and surround, waterproof the inside and, just like that, you've got yourself a cool temporary pool.

4. If you don't want to make one, buy one

If money is no real object, you can take the easy option and buy a ready-made one. The Intex Prism Rectangular Pool set is pretty neat and easy to set up.

5. Up your budget, a bit and you can get this bad boy

For the low-low price of $3000, you can get your hands on this awesome temporary outdoor pool. The Aquaglide Ocean Pool is simply awesome.

6. For smaller budgets, this one is quick to set up

If you don't want to spend too much you might want to consider this easy-to-set-up outdoor pool. It is inflatable and perfect for kids.

7. This rectangular outdoor pool is great for pets

The KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Dog Swimming Pool is great for your families most loyal friend. Don't leave them out the outdoor swimming pool fun.

8. This one is made from beer crates

Is it possible to recycle and have fun at the same time? Why yes it is with this DIY beer crate outdoor swimming pool.

9. Have you considered using an old skip?

These geniuses realized the full potential of an old skip. By cleaning it up, adding some waterproofing and filling it with water they made their own handy temp outdoor pool.

10. Forget old cars and skips, use an old truck

These guys took the concept of the temporary outdoor pool to the next level by using an old truck. An impressive effort ladies and gentlemen.

11. Or you could use your existing pickup truck

Instead of sourcing an old truck you could convert, temporarily, your existing pickup truck. Just make sure you get the waterproofing right before adding water.

12. Recycle an old tire

If you really want to help "save the planet", why not consider converting an old tire into a handy outdoor pool? That's exactly what these chaps accomplished.

13. A livestock water trough will also do the job

You could always consider using a new or used livestock water trough? To be honest they don't look too bad either.

14. How about an old shipping container?

Shipping containers have all sorts of uses beyond just moving stuff around. You can build homes with them or even your own outdoor pool.

15. You could make one from cinder blocks too

This chap made good use of cinder blocks to turn unused space in his garden into a neat outdoor swimming pool. The result is actually quite amazing.

16. Can't get your hands on cinder blocks? Try cardboard

If you have a plethora of cardboard lying around you might want to consider putting it to good use. Impressive.

17. This is probably the laziest outdoor pool we've ever seen

This chap decided to knock up an outdoor pool as quickly as possible. By simply nailing and pegging a waterproof sheet to the fence, and floor, he managed to knock up a cheap and functional "pool".

18. An old water silo will also do the job

Since they are designed to hold water anyway, why not consider getting your hands on an old wooden water silo?

19. This inflatable one is pretty neat

For just over $2000 you can get your hands on this neat inflatable pool. It looks great and will definitely keep you cool in the summer.

20. This steel round pool will do the job

Forget the rest, just grab yourself a Bestway Power Steel 18 x 4 Foot Round swimming pool for your garden. It is cheap, easy-to-build, and it looks pretty nice too.

Watch the video: How to cool your pool, Lower the temperature in your above ground pool, DIY (July 2022).


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