Electric Investment: Jaguar Land Rover Will Be Creating an Electric XJ Sedan

Electric Investment: Jaguar Land Rover Will Be Creating an Electric XJ Sedan

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The electric race is in full swing within the automotive industry with leading car manufacturers jumping in to eagerly produce the next generation of electric vehicles. It seems Jaguar Land Rover is placing big bets on the electric future. The automotive company recently announced that it will be producing an electric version of the Jaguar XJ at its Castle Bromwich factory.

#Jaguar#XJ goes electric.

The all-electric luxury saloon will be created in the UK by the same expert team responsible for delivering the world’s first premium electric SUV, and 2019 World Car of the Year, the Jaguar #IPACE.

— Jaguar (@Jaguar) July 5, 2019

Though some might argue this is part of the "Tesla-effect," this new investment is part of a bigger scheme to boost the embattled automotive industry in the UK, and to encourage the production of electric vehicle technology across the UK.

The Jaguar XJ Goes Electric

Following a loss of 1,500 jobs in 2018 and the announcement that the firm would cut 4,500 jobs this year, with a majority of the cuts coming from the UK, Jaguar Land Rover has been eager to shift gears towards investments that could bring in jobs in the long term, especially in the U.K.

This is an important part of the story as the new investment into the electric version of the Jaguar XJ will help the company secure the jobs of 2,500 workers at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham.


Castle Bromwich is responsible for the Jaguar XF, XE, and F-Type. Hundreds of millions of pounds will be used toward upgrading the plant and creating the necessary setting to produce the electric XJ.

The process is already in full swing as the last version of the current XJ model will drive off factory lines this week and the company will begin production of the new electric vehicle this summer.

The Bigger Picture

JLR's commitment to electric vehicle production falls in line with the UK government's aim to focus on two things: protecting the skilled workers and placing the UK at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of the next generation of electric vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover has even called for the creation of better electric infrastructure including the creation of more charging points across the country. JLR even wants to see the creation of “gigafactories” in the UK to provide the large volumes of battery cells it will need.

It will be interesting to see how the UK's current political landscape will affect JLR's efforts.

Watch the video: 2021 Jaguar XJ interior exterior and drive (July 2022).


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