Yogurt to the Rescue! The Dairy Product Lowers Risk of Bowel Cancer in Men

Yogurt to the Rescue! The Dairy Product Lowers Risk of Bowel Cancer in Men

Two or more servings of yogurt per week. That's it.

That's all it may take to reduce the risk of abnormal growths (adenomas) which lead to the development of bowel cancer. More so in men than women, a new study finds.

What was previously understood about yogurt and bowel cancer, was that by eating a fair amount of the dairy product, risks of developing bowel cancer were lowered because the type and volume of bacteria in the gut bacteria (microbiome) changed.


What this new research has brought to light is the possibility that eating yogurt may also be linked to lower risks of pre-cancerous growths, known as adenomas.

How did the researchers discover this?

Researchers studied and observed the diets of and subsequent development of adenomas in 32,606 men. All of which were part of the Health Professionals Follow Up Study. 55,743 women part of the Nurses Health Study were also part of the study.

Every participant had undergone a lower bowel endoscopy, when a clinician uses a procedure to look inside the gut, between the years of 1986 and 2012.

Every four years, all participants had to relay information about their lifestyle and diets, including how much yogurt they ate.

Over the years of the study, 5811 adenomas were discovered in men, and 8116 in women.

Of the men studied, those who declared to have eaten yogurt at least twice a week were 19 percent less likely to develop adenomas.

No such associations of developing adenomas were found in the women in the study, leading the researchers to believe this is a male-oriented development.

This is not a set and confirmed study, as there is a lot left to be concluded. However, it certainly seems to point towards yogurt-eating as a positive intake for the gut.

Take up your spoons and start eating more yogurt for your health seems to be the logical response to the study.

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