Join the Raspberry Pi Revolution with This Hands-On Training

Join the Raspberry Pi Revolution with This Hands-On Training

The Internet of Things revolution is finally upon us, and it’s now easier than ever for anyone with a curious mind and a modest budget to build everything from remote controls to fully-functional robots in the comfort of their own home.

Nothing embodies this revolution like the Raspberry Pi—an incredibly small but powerful computer that can be programmed to carry out a virtually limitless number of tasks.

The Complete Raspberry Pi & Alexa A-Z Bundle will teach you how to create a wide range of engaging Raspberry Pi products that incorporate Amazon’s Alexa, and it’s currently on sale for 90% off at just $29.

With four courses and over 200 lessons, this bundle is meant for anyone who loves tinkering with electronics and building awesome gadgets from scratch.

After an introduction to the basic elements of the Raspberry Pi interface, you’ll learn how to start building your own projects using LEDs, switches, sensors, cameras, and much more.

There’s an instruction that teaches you how to utilize Alexa’s voice control functions in order to bring new levels of functionality to your projects, and you’ll learn how to build everything from infrared transmitters and receivers to talking robots that can carry out basic commands.

There’s also extensive instruction that walks you through how to incorporate a wide range of third-party devices that can transform your small gadgets into full-fledged computing machines.

Embrace the Internet of Things revolution with the Complete Raspberry Pi & Alexa A-Z Bundle for just $29—90% off for a limited time.

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