Wake Up to a Freshly Brewed Cup of Coffee with This Stylish Alarm Clock

Wake Up to a Freshly Brewed Cup of Coffee with This Stylish Alarm Clock

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Few things in life are more enjoyable—and in many cases necessary—than a morning cup of coffee. Whether you’re preparing for a major presentation at work or simply want to greet a Sunday with a little more pep in your step, those first few sips of coffee after you wake up are a true game-changer.

But what if we told you that you didn’t have to endure even a single minute between that ghastly morning alarm sound and your life-giving coffee? This Barisieur Tea & Coffee Maker Alarm Clock wakes you up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea, and it’s currently available for 10% off at just $399.

Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend even a moment in the morning without their caffeine fix, this coffee maker will wake you up in the best possible way and help you live a more productive life.

The glassware sits on a walnut timber tray on top of a matte black base, and the moment your alarm goes off you’ll wake up to the sounds and smells of freshly brewed coffee or tea right by your bed.

There’s a Peltier cooler that keeps your milk cool overnight, and the Barisieur even comes with a built-in drawer that makes storing your grounds and tea leaves easier than ever.

Don’t waste a single morning minute without your daily dose of coffee or tea. The Barisieur Tea & Coffee Maker Alarm Clock will wake you up with your favorite brew ready to go for just $399—10% off its usual price for a limited time.

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