Engineer a Playlist: How and Where to Get Your Music Fix in 2019

Engineer a Playlist: How and Where to Get Your Music Fix in 2019

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Music is weird. From an evolutionary standpoint, human’s love for music doesn't really make any sense. That old Killers album that you keep listening to each day is not really necessary for your survival, though you might argue the contrary.

Music’s relationship with humans has puzzled scientists, begging the question: Why does something as abstract as music provoke such consistent emotions?

Though the question has yet to have a decisive answer, one thing is for sure, you do listen to music. However, where and how do you listen to music?

There are dozens of music streaming services currently on the market and thousands of ways for you to play that motivational engineering playlist.

Music streaming platforms can offer a lot. Some services offer original content, hi-fidelity sound quality, and even exclusive access concerts. So, if your New Year’s Resolution was to find the perfect music streaming service and music device, hopefully, the following list helps you check that off your list.


Entering the United States market in 2016, the French streaming service Deezer promises a high-quality music service.

Deezer offers eager listeners the opportunity to listen to well over 53 million+ songs and 36 million hi-fidelity tracks for premium users. If you pay $19.99, you get 16-bit, 1,411 Kbps audio.

If you don't really care about fidelity sound, you can go for the standard $9.99 plan. All plans give subscribers unlimited listening on all devices. Deezer subscribers get a host of access to live genre tailored radio, podcasts, and content customized based music off your specific needs.

BeoSound Shape

When picking the right streaming service you are going to need the right device to play your music. The BeoSound shape offers music listeners that opportunity to have a unique modular Bluetooth speaker.

The modular hexagon device allows the Bluetooth speakers to communicate with each other for optimized room acoustics. You can play and connect as many as 44 of the individual hexagon speakers.

Amazon Music Unlimited

For those of you that have already bought into the Amazon ecosystem, this music streaming service is for you.

With the competitive price point of $9.99 per month, or 7.99 for Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon’s music streaming service works perfectly with Amazon’s smart speakers.

Though the music quality may not be up to par for those who are hungry for hi-fi music, Amazon Music Unlimited still delivers an impressive 256 Kbps bit rate. However, it is good to mention, that the streaming service may not have as many “deep cuts” as its competitors.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is great for those who appreciate curated content. The streaming service centers around content lead by incredibly knowledgeable DJs.

The station includes news and weather updates, and music festival coverage. Nevertheless, the streaming service is dedicated to helping you expand your music tastes by connecting what you listen to with tons of relevant new music. Plans start as low as $3.99.


One of the most popular streaming services on this list, Spotify boasts an impressive 150 million users worldwide. As one of the first major streaming services, Spotify has the knowledge and experience to deliver great content.

Spotify gives subscribers a host of content with its massive 40 million plus music library. Subscribers gain access to curated content from music leaders, exclusive playlists, video content, and occasionally exclusive musical content. Plans for Spotify start at $9.99.

Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

Another speaker that is sure to make a statement in your apartment, the Zeppelin Wireless Speaker delivers great hi quality sound while looking very sleek.

Easily pairable with Spotify, the device uses a 150mm subwoofer, a Class D amplifier, and an ultra long-throw voice coil to produce tremendous hi-fi sound.


Pandora has been around for a while and still bodes some features that make it an excellent choice for those who need a streaming service in 2019. Starting at a competitive price of $4.99, Pandora gives users the standard music streaming experience with the occasional perk.

Subscribers can benefit from unlimited skips, unlimited replay, an excellent song recommendation system, as well as the tour dates of your favorite artists.

Google Play Music

Excellent for those who have bought into the Google home ecosystem, Google Play Music offers a more unique experience for those who also appreciate good video content.

With its affordable family plan, subscribers gain access to millions of good quality tracks as well as links to connected YouTube videos.

Though you get the same features of some of the standard music services, Google Play Music's best feature is the option to upload up to 50,000 audio files from your desktop to the service's online music locker.


Though it might not be tailored to stream music, you can not help but appreciate the beauty of the levitating turntable, the MAG-LEV.

Like something out of a science fiction film, the device levitates as it plays some of your favorite vinyl.

The device may seem like a novelty but the cool technology does not keep the device from delivering an impressive range of audio quality.

Apple Music

You have probably encountered Apple Music at some point. Like everything else Apple, the streaming service is easy to use and has a well-designed interface.

Subscribers who choose Apple get access to exclusive content, engaging video content and interviews, as well as a host of great music content curated by leaders in the music world.

Tidal Music

Lead by the music mogul Jay Z, Tidal is one of the more premier music services on this list. Subscribers gain access to an impressive amount of hi-fi musical content as well as films, exclusive tickets for concerts, live streaming of events, and exclusive album content.

Devialet Phantom Premier

If you need a speaker that will make a statement in 2019, the Devialet Phantom Premier is the speaker that you will need for your home. The Bluetooth speaker has a peak power of 4500 watts and sound impact up to 108 dB, meaning it can get really loud.

The unique speaker gives users a powerful hi-fi sound experience to help ensure to do not miss a beat.

Which streaming service did you pick? Though streaming is very convenient, vinyl records are making a comeback and could be a great unique alternative for those of you who want to make an impression.

How do you listen to music? What is your song for 2019? Leave your comments below.

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