LED, CFL & Incandescent Lights Comparison

LED, CFL & Incandescent Lights Comparison

There is a selection of incandescent, compact fluorescent, CFL and LED lights or lamps that are available today.

It is useful to be able to compare the performance of the LED, incandescent and CFL lights so that the optimum choice can be made.

The comparison of LED, CFL and incandescent lamps shows that LEDs normally win out over every type in terms of performance and environmental impact. The only drawback is that the cost is higher, although when taking the running costs over the lifetime, their cost comes out considerably cheaper.

Comparison of LED CFL & Incandescent Lights
Average life (Hours)50 0001 2008 000
Power for equivalent of 60W incandescent6 - 86013 - 15
Typical operating cost over a year (USD $)3233075

Environmental Impact Comparison

Mercury contentZeroZeroContains toxic mercury
RoHS ComplianceYesYesNo

Operational characteristics comparison

Sensitive to low temperaturesNoSomeMay not work below -20°C
Sensitive to humidityNoSomeYes
Effect of on/off cyclingVery little effectSomeNot very tolerant - reduces lifetime
Speed of turn onInstantInstanttakes time to warm up
DurabilityVery durable, can withstand reasonable shockNot particularly good. filament sensitive to shock and glass envelope can breakNot very robust - glass can break and emit toxic mercury

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