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About Electronics Notes

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Electronics Notes was originally set up in 2006 to run alongside It started life as Electronics & Radio Today (

The original concept was that it would provide a more introductory flavour for those entering electronics.

Whilst grew, Electronics & Radio Today was not developed so fully, although it had some interesting content on it.

However in 2015 the focus was placed back on the site, it in 2016 it was rebranded as Electronics Notes.

The aim of the site is to provide accessible, and understandable descriptions and information about various technologies used today. It is aimed at providing useful information primarily to electronics engineers involved in everything from electronics design and development to maintenance, purchasing etc, and those in the associated industries of connectivity (mobile or wireless and fixed wire telecommunications) radio, RF design, antenna installation and a whole amount more. In fact anyone associated with electronics, wireless and communications industries will find Electronics Notes of benefit.

To support the explanations, we have created a number of videos which are on our YouTube video channel – ElectronicsNotes.

Although the traffic of the site varies according to a variety of factors, typically it serves over a million page views a month according to Google Analytics.

The site traffic means that Electronics Notes is one of the largest publications in terms of traffic aimed at engineers associated with the electronics and allied sectors. It serves more traffic than many of the more established publications. Check out or stats and compare us with other sites on

The traffic and demographics of the visitors mean that the site is an ideal platform for advertising. To provide the maximum value for advertisers and enable us to focus on content, we use programmatic advertising, primarily via Google Ads and Google AdX.

Watch the video: How I Take Notes on my iPad Pro. Study Tips u0026 Tricks for Organization One Note. Katie Tracy (July 2022).


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