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Since is formation out of NXP Semiconductors in 2015, Ampleon has headquartered in Nijmegen, Netherlands and it employs 1250 people worldwide.

The Ampleon portfolio offers semiconductor products and solutions for a wide range of applications with a focus on RF semiconductors.

Some of the product application areas for Ampleon semiconductors includes: mobile broadband infrastructure, radio & TV broadcasting, CO2 lasers & plasma, MRI, particle accelerators, radar & air-traffic control, non-cellular communications, RF cooking & defrosting, RF heating and plasma lighting.

One of the key areas for Ampleon RF products is their LDMOS and GaN technologies wheihc enable them to provide high frequency RF power devices with high efficiency levels.

Ampleon RF devices are used within many areas of technology. They are widely used in broadcast transmitters as well as within cellular telecommunications base stations and many other areas requiring RF power devices.

Watch the video: GaN RF Power Solutions for Multimarkets (May 2022).


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