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Premier Farnell is a global electronic component distributor that aims at providing quantities for development, to supports the technology community at every stage, from students and makers, to design engineers and manufacturers.

The company trades under a number of names dependent upon location including element14 and Newark.

Premier Farnell has a number of aims in its distribution philosophy.

Farnell, element14, Newark aims to source technology which guides and inspires students and makers to become the next generation of engineers, programmers and technicians. Importantly, the company also aims to provide the capabilities for the existing generation stay in touch with the latest trends.

The company aims to provide a broad range of products and services to enable design engineers to create designs, build prototypes and deliver finished products quickly.

Technical support is also very important and to this end Farnell provides high service distribution to support customers as they develop their businesses, providing access to the mass market through our distribution channels and a maintenance and test portfolio that keeps systems running.

Farnell has introduced a multi-channel approach. This includes 48 transactional websites, contact centres, a field sales force and our online community, ensures we can meet the varying needs of our customers.

Whether researching a new technology, designing an electronic product, or looking for parts to repair an existing system, Premier Farnell is the trusted global source for engineering solutions.

Watch the video: Inside our International Distribution centre at Maybrook, Leeds, UK (May 2022).


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